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What is insomnia?

Lynn Johnston quoted wisely

“Not having the capacity to rest is horrendous. You have the wretchedness of having celebrated throughout the night? Without the fulfillment”

Insomnia is a very common sleep disorder. Huge number of victims found in this world suffering from Insomnia. Clinically insomnia is a sleeping disorder mostly problems sleeping at night, wake up in the night, waking up early, feeling of irrestibilty, fatigue and tiredness and short memory issues. Basically anxiety and depression are the root cause of insomnia. Now a days technical world is improving day by day and those disease which were present from previous years but the awareness has been created in this technical world and people are widely empowered about this common disease known as Insomnia. According to NSF ( National Sleep Foundation) people liase between the age of 25-34 commonly started facing issues of Insomnia .As people growing more and more younger our sleep started becoming less as compare to the previous.

General Symptoms of Insomnia:

There are many symptoms of common disease Insomnia these include unhealthy lifestyle and some environmental factors. Clinically the vital symptoms are:

Circadian rhythm Circadian is basically your sleeping and waking cycle or clock. It is a 24hr clock and is working in our brains during the sleeping and waking timings. Interruption in your immune clock may be due to abnormal routine it may be due to continuous night shifts in an office, extreme noise, and extreme climate conditions it may be hot or cold.

Psychological issues: Anxiety, mental disorders, tensions and depressions are the main reasons that lead to the Insomnia.

Medical problems: People suffering from dementia have sleeping disorders and mental illness. Similarly nasal problems, gastric problems and chronic pains are the reasons of insomnia.

Hormonal imbalance:

Hormonal imbalance is usually found in the women’s as compared to the men but it may occur in the opposite sex as well. Estrogen is the most common sleeping hormone. Without the adequate sleep our body is unable to heal and work effectively up to the mark. Similarly hormonal imbalance occurs during menstruation and ultimately leads towards insomnia.

Media Technology usage:

In this Modern and developed world d it is a common trend people used to have LCD’s laptop and mobile usage in the bedroom before sleep is increasing. But the hazards are definitely causing Insomnia. The lights of the subjected media technologies revert your sleep and your cycle disturbed.

Nutrition issues:

Unhealthy diet can also be the main reason of insomnia. Eating too much late till the evening can cause insomnia.


Stress and tension is the core reasons of insomnia and in the current world lifestyles are too much busy stress can be taken due to many reasons. It may be a job stress, personal relationship or thousands of the reasons that lead to the stress to a normal person.

How to Treat Insomnia?

When we talk about the treatment of a disease there can be many combinations of the treatment it may be pharmaceutical, herbal and meditations

Let’s discuss the

Herbal Treatments:

Valerian is the most widely used herb for insomnia. It is commonly used for sleeping disorder/mental illness. It worked as a sedative. It leaves a soothing and relaxing impression on the victim’s brain and nervous system.

Chamomile is very common herb used for the treatment of the insomnia. It is basically a herbal tea which reduces anxiety. It is also recognized as sleep inducer.

Lemon grass this herb leaves a soothing and calming impression on central nervous system and control down the anxiety in fact it controls the mood swings.

Lavender: Researchers have found that lavender contains the properties to sooth and calm and aids in reducing the stress. Body massage with lavender oil relaxes whole body .This ultimately helps in sleep for insomnia patients. Lavender candles and fresheners are also available in the market to use in the area of sleep for insomnia.

Home remedies for Insomnia

Milk : Mild warm milk before going to bed improves sleep cycle as it impacts our Melatonin hormone which balances our sleep cycle

Snacks: Taking snacks half an hour before going to bed can help in improving sleep. A mixture of Banana with peanut butter can be used for insomnia. Snack would be the combination of protein and carbohydrate to work well you can change combination as per your choice and likings.

Turn of the media sources: For healthy sleep always switch off your tech media sources 1 hr before going to bed.

Meditations for Insomnia

Treatment for insomnia just not end up on herbal and home remedies meditation as well is a good way to treat the insomnia. Few common meditations are:

Music Meditations:

There are many music available in online world. There are many meditations in audio are available. Some people used to sleep while listening to the music. This works well for such patients. It will be available as per your requirement like 8hrs or 14hrs sleep music meditations. Rest Relaxing meditations are also available in which you just have to focus on your mind throw out all rubbish from your mind relax your body and brain take some relaxing breathes and feel the environment same as you want to be for you. Some Yoga pose also helps to do meditations and treat insomnia.

Which Medications are required for Insomnia?

There are many sleeping aids available in the market but when we are talking about the sleeping aids or anti-sleeping medications we cannot forget to discuss the world widely used medication Ambien (Zolpidem) and Restoril (Temazepam).Ambien has many versions available this medication quickly provide relief to the brain and found to be the best antidepressants. Similarly Restoril (Temazepam) is benzodiazepines. This medication is used especially for insomnia victims suffering from sleep walking and night fears. No doubt there are other medications with the same salt are available in the market but Ambien (Zolpidem) and Restoril (Temazepam) are such medications which have good reviews by the patients suffering from insomnia. Both of these medications are sleeping pills and are safe enough to be used. Always keep in mind no medication acts magically and solve 1% problems a combination of treatment is required in all the mental/sleep disorders. Eventually a lifestyle change must be required which includes healthy exercise routine and good diet.