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What is a migraine?

A migraine is a repetitive attack of headache. This attack prolonged for almost three to four hours and happened in one side of the head. Migraine can be prolonged in days as well. According to the researchers this disease has been occurred more in women as compared to the men. Clinically migrane is neurological state. Migraines are different from headaches and there are two states of migraines aura migrane and the second one is simple migraine. Common feelings during the migraine are tickling it may be on one side of your body parts especially arm or leg, light flashes may occur blind spotting may occur to the patients suffering from migraine.

To understand what a migraine is there are four states of migraine named as Aura, Attack, prodrome and post-drome.


Aura is directly associated with the nervous system. Visual instabilities can occur to the victims. Light flashes are very common among the patients of migraine. Twisting visions can occur as well. Sensory difficulties may also occur with the patients suffering from the Migraine. The muscles of your body become weak and you may feel like someone is continuously touching you. Keep in mind such feeling arise for 3 to 4 minutes or may be more but not more than this. Common examples are loss of vision, prick sensations, weakness, trouble in speaking, difficulty in listening noise and sound, even bedroom lights can also affect in this duration. Maxalt Melt is the commonly used medication in this stage of migraine.


Migraine commonly stay up to 3 days if not cured instantly. But the regularity of the attacks totally differs from one individual to another. Common attacks are one sided pain or full headache, pulsing pain, light/sound sensitivity may occur, Vomit, Nausea, and vision blurring etc.


Prodrome is a pre notification for migraine attack couple of days before the migraine you may observe certain changes that will make u alert for migraine attack. The symptoms include Mood swings may be due to depression, constipation, Neck toughness, urination increased due to thirst, continuous yawning and cravings for the food can also occur


It would be the last stage that comes after the migraine. You can feel yourself completely wiped off or drained. But for min 24 hours you may proceed from changes in your mood, feel dizzy, weakness and sensitivity.

Common reasons of Migraine

However many researches have been done but the exact root cause of the Migraine cannot be dig down but environmental and genetic reasons play a vital role. Clinically when the chemicals of the brain are disrupted migrane attacks occur. Serotonin imbalance proceeds pain in your nervous system. Serotonin balance decreases during the attack and this ultimately leads trigeminal nerve to discharge substance called neuropeptides. This causes migrane. Other factors include:

Hormonal imbalance: 

Women tend more towards the hormonal imbalance. Disruption in estrogen level generally l invoke migrane attacks in women. Women with medical background of migraine usually report this migraine attack before and after their menopause. Same can occur during pregnancy.

Inappropriate Food: 

Food with excessive salts, canned foods can cause migraine attacks. Similarly keeping stomach hungry for long time or excessive fasting can be the reason for Migraine.

Food seasonings: 

Sweeteners and food additives can also lead to the migraine attack.

Canned Drinks: 

Alcoholic and canned drinks especially vinum causes Migraine. Similarly caffeine drinks provoke migraine attacks.


Stress can be due to many reasons and it directs towards the Migraine attacks

Sleeping Disorder: 

Malfunctioning in sleeping behavior causes the migraine attacks

Environmental changes: 

Extreme weather conditions are responsible for Migraine.

Sexual Factors: 

Extreme Physical efforts and sexual activities invoke Migraines.

How to treat Migraine?

All metal illness is treated with variety of combination of the treatments. These are Meditations, behavioral therapy and medications. Healthy life style is itself a vital treatment of mental disorders/illness.

Behavioral therapies 

Behavioral therapies plays key role in the treatment of Migraine. This treatment include

Calm environment: 

Migraine is very sensitive to light/sound. Take a sleep in room and avoid the light/sound exposures.


Hot shower baths relax your muscles and help to ease stiffness in muscles of your body. Similarly Cold/hot packs can treat Migraine well.

Nutritional Diet: 

Healthy diet not only improves your health or metabolism infact it helps to reduce many of the mental disorders like ADHD, Insomnia, Anxiety and Migraine.

Proper Sleep: 

Always sleep well take proper medications as Migraine disrupt sleeping cycle.


There are many exercises that relax your body muscles and assist your body to release few chemicals. This will help in reducing the stress levels and minimize the migraine attacks. If you cannot do proper workout try to do some stretches, general walk or swimming can also be done. If you cannot do exercise you can try cycling as well for the replacement of workout.


Always stay positive negativity leads you towards huge hazard. So change your thoughts quickly. World has been digitalized many videos and quotes are just one click away from you. Change your personality with positive approach.


Always find some time for yourself minimum 15 minutes. Leave all the bullshits of the busy world just enjoy those 15 minutes fully refresh yourself and buckle up your personality. Trust me these 15 minutes give you bursts of energy and make your rest day fruitful and productive.


Combination of behavioral therapies and meditations can aid in treating the victims of the Migraine.

Yoga poses are available for the relaxation and simple inhale/exhale deep inside can also help you in meditation and make you completely relax.

Medications for the Migraine

Triptants are the best medications for the Migraine. Wide ranges of the medications are available in the market to cure Migraine but the few trusted and effective medicines are rizatriptan, zolmitripan and sumatriptan these all medications are Triptants. Sumatriptan is commonly used triptant. Similarly the Imigran nasal spray is used for severe relief of the Migraine including and excluding aura. Imigran tablets are also used in the treatment of migraine victims. Make sure Imigran tablets not completely you’re your migraine attack it helps in controlling your vessels back to the original state and relief your pains. Maxalt Melt is associated with medical class selective serotonin 5-HT1B/1D receptor agonists this medication is the perfect choice in migraine attacks especially in adults. When talking about the migraine treatments it is quiet unjustifiable to not discuss Zolmitriptan also known as Zomig it basically serves the purpose of shrinking vessels of blood and help to control the pain attacks during the migraine. Rizatriptan belongs to the same domain and facilitate in the treatments of migraine. All these medications give effective output if used with proper food and healthy lifestyle. Most importantly do not use these medications during pregnancy consult your physician first.